vrijdag 27 januari 2012

My new shoes


Calm Stream of Life

After a time of silence I will write to you again..

We needed that time to reflect last year, a year with high moments but with more lows and stressfull situations. They have not knocked us out but have made us stronger and more together.
No need to look back here, we are looking forward and we have decided that 2012 is going to be a year of enjoying ourselfs.

When we sit for a meal with the kids, every evening is a joy with stories en laughter, sometimes serious issues come along...
Love the hugs I get from my Son who is taller then me now, I can see the man he's going to become..
My Meis, torn apart between girl and little woman....love seeing her grow..

We have met a lovely new group friends with who we share life experiances , with who we drink and enjoy the music some of us give to others.
We embrace our family, listen to their wise words of comfort and love. Lean on them when we have the need to...

Finally we have time for ourself, listen to our body, sleep when tired, eat and drink what we want, I have started zumba-lessons in the good company of my daughter.
Lief is making new music and sharing it with the world at www.flapcan.nl on the Open Podium nights.
We walk a lot through the dunes around our lovely hometown, 3 hours in the beautiful nature is enough to load up our battery and the capuccino afterwards never tasted so good !!

We all are looking forward to this summer, we have booked 2 holidays !
First Lief and I are going to Slovenia for a week, we have a little studio for ourselfs, lovely nature to walk for hours surrounds us.
After that we are back at work for 2 weeks, the kids are going on scoutscamp in those weeks, and to complete it all we are all going to my Dad and Irene in England for a week. Finally I can show Lief and the kids where I was born.

As for now, we float on our Calm Stream of Life and embrace every minute of it.