maandag 26 maart 2012

Bright Light

The past few days the light was a bit brighter and not only because Mother Nature warmed us with her sun.

On wednesday I recieved the good news that I was chosen to have a pre-concert-meal with Anneke van Giersbergen before her concert on thursday, a dutch singer who I love !
It was a great experience, we had lots of fun and nice little chats with Anneke and her husband-and drummer- Rob. After that the pictures to proof we were there haha
Her concert was so good, she really rocks and her voice is angelic, so pure..and joined by our two good friends Henk and Merlijn we had a ball !!
After the show she came off stage to sign cd's, t-shirts and more..
The nice thing was that Lief and friends say Anneke and I look alike, Lief told her that and that we call her my sister, she laughed and wanted to borrow my red boots, cause hey, thats what sisters do...
Standing in line to get my cd signed after the show, she welcomed me with: Hey Sis !!

I was so thrilled about everything I kept bouncing around like a bunny on batteries..

The next bright thing happened on saturday.
Our dear friends of the Southern Train band joined a competition. The Clash of the Coverbands, Benelux edition.
We all travelled to the gig together, after preparing band t-shirts the night before.
The boys were all nervous and excited, and so were we..
Southern Train was the only band with a big fancrew and t-shirts, we dominated the room haha
Edith,uber-Mom, filmed the whole night, Uber-Dad John kept us all together and sharp!
I have been titled Chief of the Fanclub and Miss Merchandise, we all had a great night. Haging out backstage together, Lief and the men smoking and drinking.
And the best thing that could happen, did happen ! They won !! And we felt we all won, we were jumping around, hugging,laughing, it was great. Lief's mum and dad were there too and joined the party!

The afterparty at John&Edith was intimate, we watched the film and had some beers.

This coming thursday the whole family is coming to ours for our Soup-date, guitars will be played, music will fill the house, laughter and fun.

I am so proud to be a part of this new family, YIHAA !!

dinsdag 6 maart 2012