woensdag 21 november 2012


Got on our bikes today and went to the beach, an empty beach, cold wind, wild waves, a few seagulls, me and Michèl.
The wind took away the worst pain, the waves and sea gave me back some of my energy. I love the seaside, need the elements to come back to myself.
Still feel tired and not a 100% but I'm getting there.
Now warm and cosy in a warm house, going to call my children to say I love and miss them xxx

maandag 19 november 2012

Full Stop

Mother for life
but no more new life 
for this Mother.

Made a Full stop
Final decision
Painfull day

Love for Life
Koen and Nina
Their Mother for Life.

vrijdag 9 november 2012

Field trip

I went on a field trip today to the beautiful area north of Haarlem, lovely little villages, dunes and the beautiful autumn colors all around us. We had a delicious lunch in Schoorl and talked and laughed a lot. Our busdriver took us back home safely, the group of people tired and happy. I really can say I love my job ! Because yes, it was a days work but the 3 elderly ladies in their wheelchairs had a great day and the 2 volunteers made it happen again !