vrijdag 17 februari 2012


Today I did my 4th fotoshoot.
It was for dutch Magazine Esta after an interview on the phone yesterday about our little wild garden.
The first 3 shoots I did with my dear friend Hoo Gan Tan, see previous blogs.
I was very shy in the beginning but Hoo Gan knew how to calm and open me.
I still love every picture he has taken of me.

So today was something new again, working with an all ladies crew, getting my hair and make-up done by proffesionals. A stylist dressed me up in jeans,heels and a lovely top. My hair was very curly and the make-up beautiful !

And then the real thing, striking a pose as the photographer wants you to, a bit to the left, chin up, chin down, hand like this....
Hair, make-up and clothes took more time than shooting the pictures, they were pleased I had some experience in posing...

It was great to do and I secretly hope I can do it more often...maybe my dear friend Hoo Gan can help me get more shoots or today ladies will ask me again.

In Esta magazine nr 8 you can see the result !

My thanks go to :
Petra Vollinga www.hetwoordpaleis.nl for the interview
Paula Schouten of Colorenco: Production and styling
Saskia van Osnabrugge: Photographer www.saskiavanosnabrugge.nl
Astrid Timmer: Hair and Make-up www.astridtimmer.nl

and offcourse: Hoo Gan Tan www.hoogantan.nl mijn leermeester

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